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Hello and Welcome

If you're an emerging or experienced woman leader working inside an organization and you have ambition to advance, but don't have access to programs through your employer, A Career that Soars! (ACtS!) is for you. It's a personal (but enterprise-worthy) leadership and career development resource built around a global community of career-motivated women like you. 

With actionable and proven content specific to your level and career stage, A Career that Soars! is the place for you to:

  • Access actionable resources to take your leadership and career to the next level (and we annotate them to save you time).
  • Have candid conversations with women around the world (and close to home) who, like you, are ambitious and focused on becoming ever more competent, capable and credible leaders.
  • Be part of a group of women who share your ambitions. No need to feel alone or be concerned about reaching out within your company to talk through an issue.
  • Want content and experiences that are proven, exclusive and laser-focused on leadership and career success built on and extending the information from Susan's TED Talk on The Career Advice You Probably Didn't Get and her books No Ceiling, No Walls and Make the Most of Mentoring but

AND if you want to:

  • Elevate your leadership skills to make a difference in the lives of people at work and around the world. 
  • Share stories, experiences, ideas (and careful advice) around leadership and career success.
  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about your work, life and career. 

Designed as a supportive, private and distraction-free space, A Career that Soars! helps women become more capable, confident and inspiring leaders today in order to grow in their careers tomorrow. (No general research on women, political rants or baby photos please).  

If your employer offers a women's network and/or leadership development programs for women, please capitalize on them.

If you're an entrepreneur or self-employed, e.g. a coach, speaker, author, etc., check out What Works or other networks specific to the entrepreneur's journey.

Proven - Practical - Actionable

With over 20 topics across our range of groups, we make it easy for you to address leadership and career challenges by connecting with women who share your interests and experiences, industry, profession, learning goals and even physical location. 

ACtS! replicates the experiences (and highlights) of live programs where women step forward to ask for help, proudly share successes and insights, form trusting relationships, learn with and teach each other.

Actionable content including, articles, quick posts, inspirations, learning guides, tips from each other, guidance from virtual mentors and perspectives shared by recognized experts.

Live engagement through what we call Boast, Borrow, Brainstorm learning spaces (think 'mastermind' without the master) during which you benefit from the experiences and insights of your peers and experts. We share insider knowledge, experience-based wisdom and cutting edge ideas gleaned from our spectacular failures, epic wins, and hard-earned career lessons in a variety of formats that include:

  • Private messaging (for discussing anything you're not ready to share with the group)
  • Community webinars and live training events
  • Exclusive courses inspired by your questions, challenges and great discoveries

Global connections with women who share your career stage or location and who share the goal of becoming more competent, credible and confident leader.

In our safe environment, you can candidly share major career lessons, strategic moves, go-to technologies and tools, and valuable life experiences... with refreshing honesty and transparency. An environment where everyone feels like their voice is worthy of being heard, and that there's value in sharing.

Join us for A Career that Soars!

Leadership differs by level and we have...

..a Plan Just Right For You!

To have access to our highest value and exclusive content we invite you to join one of our Circles - each of which is designed to support you wherever you are in your leadership and career journey. If you make a business case for reimbursement, you might even be able to gain organizational support for your membership.

Emerging Leaders for women moving into early leadership roles (e.g. supervisor, team or project lead). We'll be covering skills that can be career enablers if you get "good enough" at them, but can derail your career if you don't, e.g. Networking, Mentoring, Confidence and more. Learn more & join

Leaders Circle

Leaders Circle elevates women who are leading from the middle and facing the challenges and tremendous opportunities of having direct reports (teams of direct reports) while having operational and strategic responsibilities. Members benefit from level-specific topics AND enjoy access to all the content available to both Explorers and Emerging Leaders. Learn more/join

C-Suite Roundtable

C-Suite Roundtable is designed specifically for C-Suite executives and those within striking distance. It builds on the content available to the other Circles, while offering content and experiences exclusive to leadership at the highest levels. Learn more & join

A Career that Soars! Australia

A Career that Soars! Australia delivers to women from Australia the power of our Emerging to C-Suite circles combined with local events. Learn more/join.

FREE for Explorers of A Career that Soars! Not ready to commit? Our foundational content and basic community experiences will be available to you when you Join with your email and password using the Join button at the top of the page. 

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P.S. It's best to purchase through your lap or desktop. Purchases through the Apple App Store cost more because Apple takes a quite large commission. 

Also, curious about the pesky $ .99? It's due to Apple store requirements. 

Our Guarantee

I can't tell you how many women's conferences begin with the promise that attendees will have one takeaway...and there they have you captive for a day...or three. Here you have to show up, but if you do we're sure you'll walk away with a lot more than 1 because we know A Career that Soars! is a growing community of savvy women leaders at all levels who share generously and honestly about their experiences. 

But we know you don’t know that, so...

So, if at the end of the year, you have engaged with A Career that Soars! at least 15 minutes a week (approximately equivalent to one 8 hour conference day) and haven't made one valuable connection or benefited from one actionable tip/insight/lesson from the women you've met, the conversations we invite you to, or the quality of responses to your questions, we'll happily refund your membership fee. Just send a direct message to Host Susan Colantuono.

We Get Comments

The session on the Language of Power, the way I put it to use, and the feedback I got resulted in an invitation to an executive strategy retreat. Gabrielle K. Director, Telecomm Company

I want to thank you again for sharing these resources with me. I have recently been asked to be the CEO of a startup I've been incubating. This idea of being a leader at this level was shocking to me. I was very unsure of whether I was qualified and if  I wasn't, I was unsure of how I would get there. Your piece on the "The Missing 33%" has shone light on this for me. It's given me good framing on how to approach this opportunity. I wanted you to know that your work is having impact globally. Most grateful from a dreary Melbourne ( Australia) Friday. Cat H. A. Global BD&C, National Science Agency

In the year+ since the program, I have thought of your content almost every day. I have done my best to confidently instill it in other women even though I know I have so much to learn and improve on myself. Never have I had such an impactful and lasting few days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Debbie G. Global Supply Chain Leader, Tech Company

Thank You. I was working out the other day and listening to your TED Talk. As a CEO and female entrepreneur your talk certainly resonated with me. Insightful, well explained and spot on. I have spent a good part of my life in recruitment and advising and guiding and this is an area that I agree has been overlooked. Jacqui B, CEO Professional Services Company

Our Origin

Hi, host Susan here. As CEO of Leading Women, this question has weighed on my mind. I was frustrated by the limited reach of the experiences raved about by our workshop participants - including the deep value gained from the connections made during live workshops.

My answer is A Career that Soars! - an engaged global community of women who:

  • Are focused on leadership and career advancement,
  • Have wisdom to share...and insights to gain
  • Aspire to move into senior and executive positions and
  • Do not have access to corporate leadership development programs for women.

A Word about Soar

We all know that careers rarely follow a direct upward trajectory. Instead, we head in directions we never envisioned, move to lower levels to grab new opportunities or rise to levels we sought (or the winds took us). Because osprey and hawks nest near Susan's house in RI, we are able to watch them move in all these ways as they soar in the skies overhead.

What's with all the Goldfish?

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to represent the many women around the world who are and aspire to be great managers and executives? We have. And we get supremely frustrated by images that are exclusionary. It's important to acknowledge all the races, ethnicities and nationalities of women who are and aspire to become great leaders and executives. 

So, when Susan had to choose a cover image for No Ceiling, No Walls she went metaphoric with an image of a goldfish jumping out of water (no ceiling, no walls - get it?) and continued the image with Make the Most of Mentoring and the draft of Network!

We hope you appreciate the rationale as we occasionally extend the image into this community.

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